As experts in our field we expect the best from all the products and tools we use. So we have designed and made our own!

Sinclair Sculture Tools

Gift Vouchers

Why not give someone special the wonderful gift of sculpture – something that is unusual and could be the start of a new lifelong passion? Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and leaving presents!

The Sculpture School gift vouchers are valid for one year and are available in denominations of £50, £200 & £300.

£50 - £300

Sinclair Sculpture Tools

Every good craftsman knows the value of using the best tools

Andrew Sinclair’s work in developing sculpture methods such as DEC and RST led to him developing a whole set of sculpture tools. These tools are available and increasing being used by the world’s top sculptors.

The Sinclair Sculpting Blades are beautifully designed boxwood sculpture tools. Hand-made from 100 year old boxwood from the Crown Estates, they are finely crafted and ergonomically designed.

The Sinclair Sculpting Blades are a must for anyone who takes their sculpture seriously.


Sinclair Sculture Tools


Module 03

Invented by Andrew Sinclair ARBS, Plas-ti-shim replaces the traditional clay wall ordinarily used in moulding techniques. What makes it so different is that it provides a clean cut seam, is flexible, so it copes with difficult shapes and makes casting a breeze.

It has not only revolutionised the way the entire bronze-casting and film industries produce moulds for sculpture casting, but has become the industry standard across the globe.


Continue your learning with master sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS Figurative Armature Making DVD.

This DVD offers comprehensive instructions, charts and step-by-step teaching to build perfect armatures for figurative sculptures using The Sculpture School system designed by Andrew Sinclairarbs.