As someone looking to keep ahead of your game and at the top of your profession in SFX this course is for you!

CREATURE-FX Boot Camp is a unique sculpture course for SFX students and industry
professionals highly recommended by Neill Gorton of the BAFTA award winning SFX
company Millennium FX.

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Creature FX 5 Day Boot Camp

The course will give you the essential sculpture skills that will enhance your talents, to correctly convey anatomical features in the fantasy figures you create. In other words, make them appear truly realistic!

Alien SFX

Creature and Fantasy Figure

This Boot Camp enables you to develop and create superbly sculpted creatures and features. Learning from award-winning sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS, you will apply the anatomical physiology knowledge and sculpture skills gained in the course to create a truly believable clay 3D creature/fantasy figure. This figure will demonstrate to others, including current and future employers, that your abilities are ahead of the competition within your profession. Most importantly this Creature FX 5 Day Boot Camp course will give you the gift of understanding anatomical physiology and dynamic design (DEC) that you can build on for the rest of your life!

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Course Details

Day 1 Use life model to learn anatomy & highlight comparative anatomy.
Make and pose armatures for SFX figure.
Clay modelling – Apply DECTM
Day 2 Apply head, pelvis & proportional measurements.
Learn basic proportional and comparative anatomy
Day 3 Construct rib cage, legs, core muscles and shoulders./td>
Discussion on different modelling materials & techniques for professional efficiency.
Day 4 Methods for creating the face, arms & feet
Discussion on different modelling materials & techniques for professional efficiency.
Day 5 Steps for completion of the figure..
Learn skin and texture techniques.
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Andrew Sinclair

Andrew Sinclair

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Andrew Sinclair ARBS is not just an award-winning, but is also considered the best, sculptor and inspirational teacher in the UK. Neill Gorton says of Andrew “His technical and artistic skills, and his fantastic ability as a teacher, made him the first person I thought of when trying to bring the two worlds of sculpture and SFX together. I clearly got the right man!”

It is not just Andrew Sinclair’s work as an artist that has significantly contributed to the world of sculpture. His developments in sculpture practice and knowhow are having a massive impact in the profession.

Andrew’s work in developing the methods of Dynamic Energy Curves (DEC) to help sculptors correctly represent anatomical features to make human and fantasy figures look truly realistic is proving to be a step change in the profession.

He also invented Plas-ti-shim which not only revolutionised the way the entire bronze-casting and film industries produce moulds for sculpture casting, but has become the industry standard across the globe.

Andrews Sinclair Sculpture Tools are unique and used by many of this country’s leading sculptors.

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“Precious Knowledge – Thank you!”

“Brilliant course and great fun too. Can’t wait to put it all into practice.”