Using a highly student centred and fresh approach,
our class sculpting classes are designed to suit everyone whether
you’re a beginner, experienced, or a professional.

All our sculpture courses include DEC and the School’s unique
approach to clay application. At the end of the
workshop, students leave with their clay sculpture.

Figurative Sculpture

Figurative Sculpture – Level 1


An inspirational approach that enables you to achieve a sculpture way beyond your expectations. Working with a life model on Day 1, students are introduced to the design of human anatomy and discover the power of Dynamic and Energy Curves, proportion, and balance in the human form. The figurative sculpture techniques taught on our courses, known as the Sinclair Methodology, are unique to The Sculpture School – you will learn how to apply the clay using our Rapid Sketch Technique.

4 day course

Life Size Portraiture – Level 1 & 2

Using a life model on Day 1, you will learn how to use photography and measurement to create a superb portrait sculpture. Our system reveals a unique way to produce a photographic likeness every time – making your aspirations attainable and enjoyable. Working with The Rapid Sketch Technique, you will learn our systematic approach to developing professional portrait skills.

4 day course

Life Size Portraiture
Tutored Sculptors

Tutored Sculptors’ Retreat

Give your sculpture the time and space it deserves, with The Sculpture School’s new Tutored Sculptors’ Retreat.

Wherever you are in your sculpting life – just starting or several sculptures in – there are always challenges and it’s hard to push through them without expert eyes seeing your work.

On this Tutored Sculptors’ Retreat, master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRBS will help guide your sculpting, looking at the overall design and composition of your work with you, whilst using the Sinclair Method of Sculpture (e.g. dynamic curves, rapid sketch techniques, design criteria and the application of clay) so you can see into your sculpting blind spots.

Tuesday 20th November to Friday 23rd November 2018

Animal Courses

Animal Sculpture

Through the use of direct proportion and composition, you will create a beautifully balanced and convincing animal sculpture. Discover fascinating techniques and skills for creating great surface textures such as fur.

4 day course

Advanced Figurative Sculpture – Level 2

A masterclass for the experienced sculptor, you will have already attended our Level 1 Figurative course. Using our unique methods you will learn how to breathe life and energy into a figure ‘in motion’. The design of your armature, plus a greater understanding of anatomy and Dynamic and Energy Curves (DEC)  will enable you to produce a sculpture full of vitality during this exciting workshop.

 4 day course

Advanced Figurative Sculpture
Face, Feet & Hands

Essential Sculpture Techniques: Face, Feet and Hands

This workshop is designed to teach you essential sculpture techniques to uplift your figurative skills to a professional level and makes these difficult aspects of the human figure achievable and no longer daunting. Using proportional anatomy and unique design techniques, you will create individual features like feet, hands and a generic head that are truly realistic.

4 day course

Moulding & Casting

This three day workshop is designed to teach you the essential skills of moulding and casting using current industry methods.

3 day course

Moulding & Casting
Other Courses

Other Courses

In our strive to offer an extensive sculpture education, we also provide courses that require other specialist skills, such as bronze casting, moulding and casting, patination or body-casting. On these occasions we draw on the expertise of professionals whose skill and knowledge is superb, and we’re not ashamed to say, greater than ours!

Please see our course schedule for further information and bookings.